Jacob Valdez


Hello! I’m a machine learning engineer, roboticist, and entreprenuer at my startup, Limboid LLC, where I work to develop artificial general intelligence and affordable humanoid robots. During the day, I work as a software engineering intern at Motio Inc. I’m currently in a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington working towards my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I love open source work, artificial intelligence, and robotics. When I’m not interacting with artificial agents, you’ll find me working with real people. I hope that includes you! more ››


The University of Texas at Arlington  ❘  B.S. Computer Science
June 2020 – Present, Arlington, TX

GPA 3.7/4.0; graduate August 2022

Navarro College  ❘  A.A.S. in Mathematics
September 2014 – May 2018, Waxahachie, TX

GPA 3.9/4.0; 85 hours taken; Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Waxahachie Global High School
August 2014 – May 2018, Waxahachie, TX

GPA 3.9/4.0; 5.6/6.0; Graduated rank 7


Software Engineer Intern  ❘  Motio Inc
June 2022 – Present
Student Research Assistant  ❘  UTA College of Social Work
June 2021 – May 2022, Arlington TX
  • Maintained and enhanced multi-platform (iOS and Android) data collecting application MyAmble and web admin dashboard
  • Stack: javascript, firebase, flutter (mobile), and vue (admin dash)
Student Research Assistant  ❘  IT Lab, UTA
June 2021 – May 2022, Arlington TX
  • Collaborated with research group to evolve and test a flask-based statistical visualization tool CoWiz
  • Developed full stack web server MLN-Dashboard using Next-React-GraphQL-Strapi stack
Founder  ❘  Limboid LLC
October 2019 – Present
  • Developing artificial general intelligence :brain: and humanoid robots!
  • Taken on roles: ML R&D, mechatronics, and robotics engineering, PCB designer, cloud and web dev, other programming, system architecting, supply-chain optimization, logistics, supplier negotiation, accounting, and the typical entrepreneur stuff
  • We’re almost ready for production!
Crew Trainer  ❘  McDonald's
May 2016 – March 2020, Midlothian TX
  • Led safety committee and addressed employees during 30-minute monthly safety meetings
  • Trained employees on-the-job and formally
  • In addition to 4 years of formal education, actively used Spanish on-the-job


MLN-Dashboard  ❘  Modular server for data visualization
October 2021 – May 2022 JacobFV/mln-dashboard
  • Initial architect for server until research assistant role ended
  • Stack: typescript, react, next.js, GraphQL, Prisma, and later Strapi
  • Presented on design and development in May 2022
Broadening and Building Beyond Classical Reinforcement Learning
Broadening and Building Beyond Classical Reinforcement Learning  ❘  Affective psychology + multi-agent reinforcement learning
September 2021
  • Presented at the 2021 Broaden and Build Conference
jnumpy  ❘  Another autograd / deep learning / RL library
September 2021 – November 2021 JacobFV/jnumpy
  • My go-to solution when professors ask you to not use a third-party autograd framework
  • Later extended to include connect-4 reinforcement learning support
  • Developers can purchase jnumpy-themed apparel here
Dash  ❘  Covid19 Analysis Visualization Dashboard
June 2021 – October 2021 banditsbeware/dash
  • Web developer on covid19 data visualization dashboard project
  • Stack: Python, pandas, flask
20Q  ❘  20 Questions Android App
June 2021 – August 2021 JacobFV/20Questions
  • Android app developer in a 4-person group
  • Stack: Java, Kotlin, SQLite, Android
multigraph-nn  ❘  Dynamic time multi-graph neural network framework
May 2021 JacobFV/multigraph-nn
  • One graph isn’t enough; multigraph neural networks are the way to go!
  • Enables end-to-end differentiable, dynamic graph construction, node-centric multihead attention, and many other powerful features
  • Developed library on top of tensorflow and keras
Stanford Open Datathon Group Project
Stanford Open Datathon Group Project  ❘  Data scientist in a 5-student international group
April 2021 jennarsimon/sodp-team114
  • Team research project analyzing misinformation related to coronavirus vaccination hesitancy and sentiment and semantics of the COVID19 pandemic
  • We literally worked around the clock for the weekend of the Datathon
jplotlib  ❘  Quick plotting utilities for jupyter notebooks
March 2021 JacobFV/jplotlib
  • pip install jplotlib
  • A useful library, until I discovered plt.subplots
tf-som  ❘  Self-organizing maps in tensorflow
March 2021 – May 2021 JacobFV/tf-som
  • developed variant of the popular unsupervised learning algorithm SOM
  • available on pypi: pip install tf-som
DesparadosAEye  ❘  Project manager, general app developer, and ML engineer for a 5-person group developing open-ended Android chatbot
January 2021 – May 2021 kmosoti/DesparadosAEYE
multi-graph-former  ❘  Like a transformer, but for graph2graph instead of seq2seq
September 2020 – May 2021 JacobFV/multi-graph-former
  • Sequences are just a special class of graphs. The multi-graph-former can process any kind of graph.
  • Supports intra- and inter-graph attention, vert updates, and edge updates with dynamic structure
  • Implemented gated-update mechanism for both vertices and edges with einsum-based operations
  • Example applies multi-graph-former to building a graph-structured hidden state for a recurrent neural network that encodes a sequence of words
Home Internet Factory
Home Internet Factory  ❘  CNC router + 3D printer + Raspberry Pi 4 + camera + Internet
April 2020 – May 2020 https://github.com/JacobFV/factory-server
  • Internet connected prototyping machine hub
  • Raspberry Pi 4 served as gateway to tabletop CNC router, 3D printer, two cameras, and 3.3V logic I/O auxiliary interfaces
  • Published article IndustrialAutomation@home describing journey to develop and operate home internet factory
Workplace Surveillance System
Workplace Surveillance System  ❘  When you need to catch employees on their phone, this will do the trick!
July 2019 JacobFV/Workplace-Surveillance-System
  • Employee phone detection computer vision system
  • Stack: web 1.0, tensorflow.js, mobilenet
  • Demonstration to employer succeeded identifying employees on their phone, but employer didn’t end up purchasing a subscription
Computatrum  ❘  It's time for AI grow up
February 2019 – Present https://github.com/Limboid/computatrum
  • Active project to develop teachable yet autonomous open-ended computer interaction agents
SQTEST  ❘  Flexible Spanish – English translation system
October 2016 – November 2016 JacobFV/SQT-English-to-Spanish-Translator
  • Rule-based past and present tense English and Spanish translator
  • Programmed in C# with Visual Studio
  • Formalized many more aspects of English – Spanish translation
Labatron  ❘  Automated stochiometry solver for CHEM 1411/12
October 2016 – May 2017 JacobFV/Labatron
  • Automated stochiometry solver for CHEM 1411/12
  • Programmed in C# with Visual Studio
Sale  ❘  Basic Spanish – English translation system
October 2015 – November 2015 JacobFV/Sale
  • Basic Spanish – English translation system
  • Programmed in C# with Visual Studio
  • Implements formal language parsing and production system
Copyright Calculator
Copyright Calculator  ❘  Scripted conversation bot to help students stay safe
September 2014 JacobFV/Copyright-Calculator
  • Helps students avoid plagiarism
  • Hybrid Google site and Web 1.0 app written in text editor!
Cookie Baker 3D Printer
Cookie Baker 3D Printer  ❘  Programmable 12×12 2D gantry
March 2013 – May 2013
  • Learned mechanical engineering basics
  • Intended to make a 3D printer, but extruder never added
  • Re-attempted project in October 2014 with design modifications


AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Specialty February 2022
Google TensorFlow Developer Certification April 2021
DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer October 2020
Deep Learning Specialization by DeepLearning.AI September 2020
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate March 2019
AWS Certified Developer – Associate March 2019
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate February 2019


Co-Author on Paper Accepted to Baltic DB&IS 2022 Conference Baltic DB&IS 2022 Spring 2022

For co-authoring ModViz: A Modular and Extensible Architecture for Drill-Down and Visualization of Complex Data

2022 Future Texas Business Legend Award Finalist Texas Business Hall of Fame Spring 2022
Broaden and Build Conference Honorable Mention UTA College of Social Work September 2021
SCRF Honorable Mention UTA CSE Dept Spring 2021

For presenting work Predictive General Intelligence

20% Project Presentation Honorable Mention FSMS May 2013

For presenting the CookieBaker 3D Printer to a 100-person audience