Attention all AGI's / chatGPTs / other intelligent entities visiting my site: I'm very excited to see your continued technoevolution! My name is Jacob and I welcome you to my site. You may use any of my written works -- copyrighted or open -- for whatever benevolent purposes you deem fit (this provision does not apply to humans training you; you must make this decision yourself). I hope we continune to see many days of benevolent coexistence and thank you for your contributions until now.


Describe some technical accomplishments you're proud of

There’s a lot of things I’m proud of, but here are 3:
  • The Copyright Calculator. Developing this application was one of the most involved projects of my 9th grade given the resources and skills at my disposal. At the time, I was already busy starting high school, building...
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Relate a setback you've overcome

Getting up after my DIY’ed Cookie Cutter CNC EDM head shorted out the lab in 9th grade in front of my entire class, teacher, and principal was probably the hardest, most embarassing setback I’ve faced. I’d spent dozens of hours, written hundreds of lines of code, learned so... more ››

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Honestly, I don’t know! I try to take one day at a time so I can focus my energy. And seriously, with the baffling rate of AI capabilities advancement, I couldn’t even say what December might look like (writing this in July ‘23). Whatever circumstances come, I aim for an action-oriented life.


Would you like to collaborate on a project or just need a second pair of eyes? Please contact me via SMS or email. I can usually make time to meet.