Relate A Setback Youve Overcome

Getting up after my DIY’ed Cookie Cutter CNC EDM head shorted out the lab in 9th grade in front of my entire class, teacher, and principal was probably the hardest, most embarassing setback I’ve faced. I’d spent dozens of hours, written hundreds of lines of code, learned so many fundamental science and engineering concepts, and the reward was very discouraging. But I couldn’t give up on engineering — or even that project. The very next day, I presented on Cookie Cutter project and its present and planned features. Throughout the Summer, I quenched my newly ignited passion for calculus, differential equations, fluid dynamics, electricity, and material science with hundreds of textbook pages, documents, and wikipedia articles. And with similar determination, it is still my resolve to carry motivational integrity through the setbacks I face as an engineer, and more generally, as a human.