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We have a date

Looking forward to meeting you

Hey there!

Firstly, I truly appreciate you taking this step to connect with me. Navigating relationships as young adults is a unique adventure, and I’m thrilled to spend even part of it with you. Every conversation is a doorway to discovery, and I’m eager to explore what ours may bring.

Leading Up to Our Date:

Before our scheduled Google Meet, I’d love to get to know you a bit over text. Let’s share some stories, fun facts, and perhaps a few laughs! It’s a wonderful way for us to warm up to our virtual date and make our conversation even more enriching.

Our Virtual Venue:

Google Meet

While I know Google Meet isn’t as immersive as an MMO VR envirnment, I’ve always found it to be a reliable platform for smooth, uninterrupted conversations. And don’t worry about any technicalities; I’ll be sending you the link via text well in advance. When it’s time, just click it and we’ll be face-to-face.

Comfort & Flexibility:

Your comfort is paramount to me. If you face any tech glitches, or if something unexpected pops up, feel free to text me. We can always reschedule or adapt as needed. The most important thing is that our conversation feels organic and unpressured.

Post-Date Thoughts:

Every interaction, whether virtual or in person, holds significance for me. So, whether we feel a profound connection or simply share a delightful conversation, I’ll treasure our time together. Every shared moment, after all, is a part of our story.